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When I was diagnosed with BC 4 years ago, time stood still as I waited for test results and my prognosis. My life was in limbo and thinking about the future was not an option. My children were 5 and 3 at the time and my husband was gripped with fear. He had lost his own mother to breast cancer when he was just 12. This was his worst nightmare and my own awful reality. Nothing prepares you for a breast cancer diagnosis. I would give anything to save one other woman going through this.

My daughter’s mother, grandmother and great grandmother have all had breast cancer. I’m doing this so my 9 year old can grow up not constantly worry that one day her breasts are going to try to kill her. I want my daughter’s generation to look at their friends and not wonder if she will be in the 1 person in 8 who is diagnosed.

I’m a BC hero of 4 years. Yes, some people say Breast Cancer ‘survivor’, but saying you’re a survivor, means you were once a victim. I never let myself become a victim to this disease. 

My daughter’s mother, grandmother and great grandmother have all had breast cancer. My best friends’ mothers have both had breast cancer. The best man at our wedding has just been diagnosed. I have countless friends who ring me on a weekly basis to tell me someone else has been diagnosed. A cure needs to be found soon.

I recently looked at a wedding day photo of our bridal party and realised all six of us have been touched by breast cancer.  As the bride, I was diagnosed 4 years ago. The best man (yes a bloke) was diagnosed a month ago. Both bridemaid’s mothers have had BC. The groom’s, my husband’s mother died from BC when he was just 12. And the groomsmen’s mother-in-law has also had BC. BC really does affect everyone.

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